Every student shall wear correct school uniform. This applies to students who are attending school, travelling to and from school, identifiable as Sacred Heart students in public places and at school functions. The uniform is the same for the full year, allowing students to wear appropriate pieces for the weather. All personal belongings and items of school uniform should be clearly named.

Years 9 to 12

  • Regulation College skirt, to be touching the floor when the student is kneeling 
  • Regulation College, Year 9 – 12, white short-sleeved poly-cotton blouse with maroon trim, worn over the skirt
  • Long-sleeved white blouse, blouse tucked in at all times
  • Maroon v-necked jersey
  • Plain white socks turned down above the ankle (not sports socks), black pantyhose
  • Black lace-up leather shoes with a solid heel (1-1 ½ cm) – see photo on our website or black roman sandals, worn with heel strap behind the heel, and without socks
  • College blazer (optional).  The only badges permitted on the lapels are College-related ones
  • A maroon-and-white college scarf is permitted (not in class or Assembly)
  • Gloves are permitted (not in class or Assembly)             

Year 13

  • Regulation grey skirt
  • Regulation College white tailored long or short sleeved blouse
  • Plain white socks turned down above the ankle (not sports socks), black pantyhose
  • Black leather shoes with laces or a strap\bar across the top and a heel at least 1cm high. Black roman sandals or black sandals with a single heel strap. More details are available at the uniform shop
  • Maroon v-necked jersey
  • College blazer (optional).  The only badges permitted on the lapels are school-related ones
  • One item of appropriate neck jewellery can be worn

Physical Education

  • Regulation College PE sports shirt and shorts, with suitable footwear
  • In Winter, plain black fitness tights (below the knee or longer), or plain black track pants.

Sports Teams

  • The correct sports uniform must be worn.
  • All other uniform regulations are to be followed.

Formal Occasions

Full school uniform, including blazer. Roman sandals are not to be worn.

Mufti Occasions

Appropriate mufti is to be worn with no alcohol/drugs/other offensive logos. Mufti must be of suitable length and coverage.

Media Gallery

Y9 - Y12
1 media item
Y9 - Y12
1 media item
Y9 - Y12
1 media item
PE Uniform
1 media item
1 media item

At all times

Visible tattoos, piercings (including tongue studs) or graffiti on the body, shoes, roman sandals and other articles of uniform including school bags are not permitted.   
Wearing of a Taonga - A cross (or expression of faith) or taonga (pounamu) may be worn around the neck under the blouse.  In keeping with tradition, the wearing of a cross or taonga is worn next to the skin – representing the closeness felt with the giver of the taonga.   
A watch is permitted.    
One pair of plain, gold or silver sleepers or plain, small stud earrings worn in the ear are the only jewellery items permitted.  If earrings are worn, one earring is to be worn in each ear.    
Hair must be off the face and tidy. Shoulder-length and longer hair is to be tied back.  Hair-ties and headbands are to be College colours and plain.  Natural hair colourings and discreet hairstyles are the only ones permitted.   
Clear nail polish is the only type permitted. 
Make-up is not permitted.     
School bags should be waterproof.  Consideration must be given to protection of school property, e.g. textbooks and library books.  A backpack is a good choice.

Uniform Shop

Uniform items are available at the College Uniform Shop which is open during the term on Thursdays at the following times:
Break 1:   (11:20 -11:50 am)
Break 2:   (1:40 – 2:20 pm)  
Extended opening hours for holiday periods will be advised through newsletters.

The uniform shop is located in the Dennehy Block, next to the Auditorium downstairs from the Music Department

Payment Terms
Payments may be made by EFTPOS, credit cards, cash or cheque (payable to Sacred Heart College)  A lay-by facility is also available as are quotes for Work and Income N.Z.
Students may also make purchases.

Mrs Kerri van Tuel is in charge of the Uniform Shop and can be contacted on 8353761.  Please leave a message if she is not available.

Donations of second-hand uniforms which are clean and in good condition.
We make every effort to have stock on site to meet the needs of all girls and try to provide a service that is efficient and helpful to our school community