Physical Education

By learning in, through and about physical activity, students will develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and motivation to enable them to act in ways that contribute to the well-being of themselves, others and society as a whole. Our main emphasis is to promote learning about movement, relating to others and responding to challenges in a fun filled environment. 

Years 9 and 10

Physical Education and Health
Students have 2 hours of Physical Education  involving a wide variety of experiences and 1 hour of Health per week which focuses on increasing responsibility and healthy decision making.
Outdoor Education
Students learn by enjoying experiences in a challenging environment. Year 9 has an overnight camp in Term 1 and Year 10 has a multi day adventure week in Term 4.

Years 11 -13

Senior students may choose Physical Education and gain credits towards Level 1-3 NCEA. 
We emphasise learning through movement, with a focus on wellbeing, aspects of sport science and examining the role of physical activity in New Zealand society. Able students are also encouraged and supported to enter scholarship.

In Year 11 and 12 we also have a compulsory fun filled, action packed practical period per week for all students.