The Arts

At Sacred Heart College, we offer our students many wonderful opportunities to explore their creative potential in both Visual and Performing Arts.

Visual Arts - Junior

Year 9 
All students are introduced to Visual Arts as core subject that they study for approximately a term.  Visual Arts is also offered as an extension class for a further term to those students who display a special interest in this subject.
Year 10 
Visual Arts is a full year option, extending students' learning from Year 9. The aim is to cover a range of media and to prepare students for NCEA Level One.
Year 11 
Students undertake an exciting full year course which offers them 22 NCEA Level One Achievement Credits, exploring a range of media. This course includes the completion of a large portfolio of work, as it does in Year 12 and 13. 

Senior Visual Arts

Years 12 and 13
Students who have successfully completed Level One Visual Arts may also choose to study Painting, Design and/or Photography at Level 2.  In these exciting courses, students are encouraged to fully explore their chosen discipline/s, completing 24 credits in the process.

Students who successfully complete Level 2 may choose to further their studies in Painting,Design and/or Photography at Level 3. We offer a total of 22 credits in these courses.

Year 12 students have the opportunity to participate in Hawke's Bay School's exhibitions.

VAEP Visual Arts Enhancement Programme
Selected Year 10-12 students are invited to be part of our enhancement programme. We offer students extra curricular visual arts based activities designed to extend and enhance our more able practical and theory based students. 


All Year 9 students study Music for a term. This enjoyable introductory course explores a range of musical experiences, including theory of music, playing keyboard and guitar, sight-singing and music appreciation.
In Year 10, Music becomes a full year option, preparing students for further study in NCEA Level 1.
Music can be studied through to NCEA Level 3.  Students are able to extend their musical knowledge, develop their practical performance skills as well as explore their creativity through original music composition.
Specialist Music Lessons 
All students are offered the opportunity to learn a range of musical instruments from specialist music tutors who visit the school each week. Instruction is provided on Cello, Clarinet, Drums, Flute, Guitar, Keyboard, Piano, Saxophone, Violin and Voice. This prepares students for solo and group instrumental performance in NCEA Music.