Religious Education

Year 9 
Lots of music, drama, journalling, creative prayer wrapped up in topics including Creation, the Early Church, Jesus' life and some of the nuts and bolts of what catholic living is all about.
Year 10
Our topics include your personal faith journey, the teachings of Jesus and the sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist. We study the medieval monastery, the Crusades, the lives of some saints and expressions of Catholic belief.  
Year 11
During this year we study the importance of life, the work of the Holy Spirit today, the Gospels and our conscience, values and guidelines. 
Year 12
Our Achievement Standards cover Christian Art, Architecture and Music, followed by Biblical Literature. Other topics include Vocation, Ministry and Commitment, World Religions, Human and Moral Development.
Year 13
We challenge our students to analyse religious expression in New Zealand and examine contemporary ethical issues. Other topics include the study of Loss and Grief, Social Justice and Restorative Justice.