Through our courses students develop the skills, concepts, understanding and attitudes which will enable them to cope confidently with the Mathematics of everyday life.
An important part of this is to provide students with the mathematical tools, skills, understanding and attitudes they will require in the world of work.
Mathematics is compulsory in Years 9 to 11. After that it becomes optional but students are encouraged to continue to as high a level as possible because of the importance of Mathematics in so many careers.

Senior Mathematics 

Year 11  
There is a choice of two courses. Either a full Level 1 achievement standard course or an alternative applied Mathematics course which also offers Level 1 credits.
Year 12
Again two courses are available. Both are full achievement standard courses. One offers pathways into Mathematics with Calculus and Statistics at Level 3 while the other offers a pathway into Statistics only.
Year 13
Mathematics splits into  the Level 3 courses of either Calculus or Statistics and Modelling.