In 2019 we are using Office Products Depot to supply our students' stationery.

How to order online

Go to and select Sacred Heart College from the drop box by typing Sacred Heart College until the name appears.
The stationery lists are loaded by YEAR and SUBJECT. This allows you to select your daughter's stationery by the subjects they are taking. Just select the appropriate year and subjects from the catalogue on the left hand side and add to your basket. If you have more than one child at the school, then simply add each pack to your basket.
While the site allows you to adjust the quantity of any item, the lists are approved by Sacred Heart College mandatory requirements, at bulk prices negotiated by Sacred Heart College. Finally, please provide your delivery address details (along with any special instructions) and complete the order by making your payment (by Visa or Mastercard only) through the secure credit card payment gateway. Once you have completed your order, you will receive an email confirmation including delivery details. IMPORTANT — If you do not receive a confirmation email, something may have gone wrong with the placement of or payment for your order. If this occurs, please contact Office Products Depot immediately.
Office Products Depot will deliver your order to the address provided.
The site will be live for ordering by Monday 17th December, however orders will not be dispatched until the shop reopens on 7th January, when all published texts are available. If you have any questions, you can email via the Contact Us page or directly to Hawkes Bay Office Products Depot on 843 0294 (ask for Marc, Heather or Debbie) or email

How to purchase from location

Purchase stationery direct from Hawkes Bay Office Products Store at 44 Wakefield Street, Onekawa, Napier.