Published on Thursday, 13 April 2017, 9:15 a.m. Print Article

Conservation is an issue that we have faced for a number of years. While it is an ongoing problem, many people express the need for change in every day life. Art is one of the ways in which conservation is brought to the attention of the world.

Currently, Napier has played host to a series of murals regarding global warming, pollution and climate change. These murals, entitled “Sea Walls: Artists for Oceans” clearly portray issues surrounding conservation in powerful and expressive ways. Some Year 11 girls had the opportunity to witness the murals being painted in and around town.
This experience, along with interviewing the artists, was a chance to reflect on the damage done to the environment and the ways in which we can improve our climate. The time we spent in town seeing magnificent artworks was a time when we were made aware of how we can put right a world full of wrongs.
Sarah Fraser, 11BR
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