Sacred Heart College principal Maria Neville-Foster (middle) with Head Girl Timea Cracknell (left), Student Academic Leader Sarah Alawneh and Deputy Head Girl Lucy Harvey.

SHC celebrates outstanding academic results

Published on Friday, 19 March 2021, 11:44 a.m. Print Article

In a year that posed many challenges, Sacred Heart College students managed to achieve outstanding academic results last year, with history made across every year level. 

For girls who completed their year and were eligible to achieve an NCEA qualification, 95 per cent achieved Level 1, 97 per cent achieved Level 2, 98 per cent achieved Level 3 and 86 per cent achieved University Entrance. 

Principal Maria Neville-Foster said the results reflect the support a faith-based environment provides to students to allow them to achieve their God-given potential. 

They are young women of strength, who have resilience and persevere. 

“Everyone at Sacred Heart College endeavours to provide an environment which enables personal excellence and we are very proud of the results from last year.”
With a small cohort, those percentages that have not achieved equate to one or two girls. The results put SHC not only above similar schools, but above the National Standard.

An Academic Assembly held last month acknowledged those girls who received NCEA Level Endorsements in 2020. Parents and Whānau attended the ceremony, and awarded the certificates and badges to their daughters.  

To obtain a Merit or Excellence Endorsement, students were required to get 46 credits or more at Merit criteria and 46 credits or more at Excellence criteria. 

Deputy Principal—Teaching & Learning, Marysia Airey, said the results stood-out in the college’s history, and it was a “pleasure” to see the number of students recognised for their merit and excellence endorsements. 

She credited the results to the school’s emphasis on pastoral care, particularly during last year’s lockdown. 

“It probably backed up our hunch that we had done well through lockdown. When we got back from lockdown we were very pleased with where our students were at with their learning, which is a huge thank you not only to our staff but also to their families for giving them space to actually learn in that difficult situation.” 

“By providing that pastoral support the girls knew exactly where they needed to be and what they were doing and I think just developing that openness between staff and students so that they understand their learning pathways has helped.”

While she is proud of every achievement, the 100 per cent achievement at all levels for Māori and Pasifika were “outstanding”, as were the improvement in the year 13 results. 

“We're starting to see a commitment from our year 13s as they realise that the last year of school is very important in order to keep their pathways and doors open for when they leave school, and it's definitely showing in their results.” 

“The 2021 academic year is now underway and we look forward to seeing what Sacred Heart College students can achieve this year.”

Student Academic Leader Sarah Alawneh implored her fellow peers to realise the power of education. 

“My vision for this year is for all of us to realise this power in our education. I want you to strive for your personal excellence and keep challenging yourself in all your subjects regardless of the topic. 

“I want you to challenge yourself, to make mistakes but not look at them as failures and instead learn from them.

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