Year 13 Sacred Heart College student Ana Worthington received both the Dux award and the prestigous Blue Ribbon Award.

Senior prizegiving recognises outstanding students

Published on Thursday, 4 March 2021, 9:22 p.m. Print Article

In a year unlike any other, Sacred Heart College students continued to strive for excellence and perform at a very high level.
Their achievements across all areas of school life were celebrated in front of family and friends at an end of year prizegiving and Thanksgiving Mass held at Waiapu Cathedral of St John last week. 
Ana Worthington received both the Dux award and the prestigious Blue Ribbon Award for all-round excellence – the first to do so in a number of years. 
While Emma Wynne was recognised as the College’s Proxime Accessit, and awarded the Dr Roshan Perera Award for Excellence in Level 3 Science and Mathematics.  
Timea Cracknell and Lucy Harvey were also announced as Head Girl and Deputy Head Girl respectively for 2021.
Sacred Heart College principal Maria Neville-Foster said she is “so proud” of what her students and teachers managed to achieve this year. 
Both services were full of family members wanting to acknowledge their girls’ achievements. 
“I think if there’s one positive to come out of this year it is actually cherishing and being grateful for the moments where we can come together as a community. 
“It really was a great way to finish off the year,” Mrs Neville-Foster said.
Mrs Neville-Foster said Emma is an “outstanding academic student” who is “very deserving” of the awards she received. 
“She is just phenomenally focused on her studies and strives to excel at everything and will work really hard in order for that to happen.”
She congratulated all those who won awards for their hard work and dedication. 
“Ana has been on a huge journey as a student and as a person in the five years that she’s been at Sacred Heart College and she just epitomises what it means to be a Sacred Heart College student."
Ana says she was blown away to receive the top awards. The Blue Ribbon Award was a particular surprise, as she “never expected” to get it. 
The 17-year-old said she had always hoped to do well in her studies. “It's just nice to get the recognition for lots of hard work throughout the year.”
Surprisingly, she says this year has been one of the best for her academically. “I think just because the lockdown let me work really hard without anyone around and no distractions.”
Earlier this year Ana became the first student in the college’s history to achieve an NCEA scholarship as a year 12 student.
Next year, she will study a Bachelor of Global Studies and Bachelor of Laws conjoint, majoring in Human Rights and Global Politics at the University of Auckland. 
As someone who is passionate about social justice, politics, and the legal side of things, she believes it is the perfect fit for her and is excited to embark on this new chapter in her life. 
She thanked her teachers and the school for their support during her five years of secondary school.

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