Geography Scholarship

Published on Friday, 17 April 2020, 10:27 a.m. Print Article

Illness and age didn’t stop Sacred Heart College student Ana Worthington from achieving a NCEA Scholarship in Geography. In fact, it gave her the determination needed to excel.

Ana sat the exam towards the end of last year, as a Year 12, despite not taking Level 3 Geography and while battling glandular fever.

“It was surreal because I went into it not expecting to pass, but rather thinking that it was good experience for next year,” she said. The exam required students to write three essays in three hours, taking a position on each topic and drawing on resources provided.

“Having glandular fever right before study leave made it quite difficult. I was quite tired all the time, so I had no motivation to get anything done.” Ana  gained an Excellence Endorsement at Level 2. She gained Excellence Course Endorsement in History and Merit Course Endorsement in Painting, Religion, Geography and English. Ana aims to sit scholarship Geography again, along with English, History and possibly Classical Studies. Next year, she plans to study towards her Bachelor in Global Studies, majoring in Human Rights and Global Politics at Auckland University.

Head of Social Science, James Wakefield, is proud of all his students who take the opportunity to extend themselves by sitting scholarship examinations.

“I think to even sit a Scholarship Exam you have to be quite brave, let alone as a Year 12 student. Rather than crumbling or quitting on the exam half-way through, they all stayed for the full time and that’s what my goal was for them,” Wakefield said. “The result (of gaining a scholarship) is the icing on the cake and a credit to Ana.”

Her achievement of a Year 12 student gaining a Scholarship is a first for the College and reflective of last year’s overall NCEA results being the best in its history.

Sacred Heart College Principal, Maria Neville-Foster, said she was proud of the students achievements in 2019. For those who completed their year at the college, they achieved a 100 per cent pass rate at Level 1, 94% at Level 2 and over 90% at Level 3.

100% of SHC Māori students achieved Level 1 and 2, with only one student missing out on Level 3. 100% of the Pasifika students achieved Level 1 and 90% achieved Level 2 and 3.

At SHC, Mrs Neville-Foster said they believe in broadening and deepening their students’ knowledge.

“When they have a deeper understanding within their learning, they can then extend themselves in their ability to answer scholarship questions.”

They work on meeting the needs of the individual student and academically stretching them in the best way for them.

“I think we are really lucky with the calibre of teachers that we have at this school. The nurturing nature of a Catholic faith environment follows through from our teachers to our girls and that’s also the commitment from our teachers to go above and beyond to make sure our girls get the best education,” Mrs Neville-Foster said.


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