Sacred Heart College house leaders connect with their sisters through uplifting video

SHC House Leaders Connect in Term 2

Published on Tuesday, 5 May 2020, 4:49 p.m. Print Article

Despite not being together physically, Sacred Heart College students are closer than ever before – supporting the sisterhood and boosting morale within their school community.

It is a movement being pushed by the school’s senior leaders who this week posted a video to social media in an effort to stay connected with one another and to remind the girls to stay strong in their faith and resillience.

House leader Kya Joe came up with the idea for the video, wrote the script and sent it out to the girls to film their own parts. Surprisingly, it only took a few days to come together.

In the video the house leaders can be seen catching and throwing different props including a cat, a giant red pepper and fejoas, all while sharing messages of encouragement.

Fellow house leader, Ana Worthington said they understood everyone was going through a really tough time at the moment and wanted to make a connection with their sisters via social media.

“We wanted to provide some support with our girls and show them that  they have people to come to if they have any questions or troubles surrounding not only their school work but also their personal home lives.”

She hopes the girls’ can recognise the support that surrounds them and acknowledge that their leaders are here for them throughout this difficult time.

“The leaders want them to feel loved and supported in both their home and school lives.”  
Since going live, the leaders say the the reaction has been fairly successful.

“We have had lots of comments and shares of the post which shows that our message is slowly making its way around to our girls which was what we aimed for when creating it.”  Watch here.

And it won’t be the last. Preparation is already underway by several more of the school’s leaders for a video to be posted next week, that reinforces the idea of "staying connected to our sisterhood", this time through prayer and religion. 

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