Netball season wrap up

Published on Monday, 4 November 2019, 9:18 a.m. Print Article

The Premier Netball team has had many ups and downs over the season. We fought our way into Super 12, amongst the most skilled high school netball teams in Hawke’s Bay. Week after week we trained and played, losing some and winning some. Overall, our season was successful, and we finished on a high note. 

Tournament week consisted of full on games every day and each player rose to their potential. Losing only two games from eight, we placed 6th. This season was filled with laughter, tears, happiness and a little frustration… but all in all, an awesome experience. A big thank you to our coaches and managers for making sure the season ran smoothly, and a big thank you from me to my fellow team members; you guys have made this season one to remember.

Ashleigh Keenan—Captain,

College Premier